Orlando Stroller Rental Military Discount


Military Families are eligible to get military discounts on Stroller Rentals for their Orlando vacation!

The stroller rental company that Orlando Military Discounts recommends is Amusement Park Rentals.

They serve all hotels in the Central Florida Attraction Area. So you can use this service at any Walt Disney World, SeaWorld, or Universal resort!

They proudly offer a 10% military discount. You can reserve on their website using the 10MILITARY discount code.

Their prices are reasonable, unlike Disney Worlds and you’ll have the scooter 24/7.

Amusement Park Rentals is an Orlando, Florida stroller rental company which offers military discounts on their vacation stroller rentals. Amusement Park Rentals offers free delivery and return service to all Area resorts, Shades of Green, the Swan and Dolphin, and the Downtown Disney area Resort Hotels, as well as Non-Disney Central Florida Hotels and Vacation Homes.

Amusement Park Rentals strollers are much more affordable than the strollers rented by Disney and other parks in their theme parks. They rent clean, modern, comfortable strollers by City Mini, these are way more comfortable than Disney’s hard plastic theme park strollers.

A Stroller rented from Disney will cost you $15.00 per day to rent a “single” stroller and $31.00 per day to rent a “double” stroller. If you’re going to need a stroller for more than one day you can rent them at the “multi-day” rate of $15.00 per day for a “single” and $31.00 per day for a “double.”

Disney Strollers

Disney strollers are made from rigid plastic and they don’t recline. They do offer a canopy for sun protection and seat belts. (Note: these plastic strollers really heat up in the afternoon Florida sun!)


There is a pouch on the back to hold items, but no cup holders. These strollers can only be used within the parks, which means at the end of a long day, you will be stuck carrying your children back to the car, tram, bus, or monorail.

They are not available at water parks or at the resorts, which means more carrying children around. Note: infants and children under age 2 don’t do well in these strollers, they just aren’t designed for them.

The Disney World Company rents Strollers at their theme parks and Downtown Disney for the following prices:

  • Single Strollers are $15.00 per day in all four theme parks and Disney Springs
  • Single Strollers are $13.00 per day for multi-day (length of stay) in all four theme parks and Disney Springs
  • Double Strollers are $31.00 per day in all four theme parks and Disney Springs
  • Double Strollers are $27.00 per day for multi-day (length of stay) in all four theme parks and Disney Springs

Length of Stay Rental – Pre-pay the number of days that you will require a stroller and save. Purchase a Length of Stay rental ticket for less per day when rented for multiple days. Then, upon visiting a theme park, simply show your receipt at the rental location to receive your stroller for the day.

These prices are only for use in the theme parks or at Disney Springs. You must first get to the theme park or Disney Springs in order to rent Disney’s Strollers

Amusement Park Rentals Military Discount

Amusement Park Rentals is proud to offer discounted stroller rentals for all active and retired service members!

Who is eligible? The Amusement Park Rentals discount is available to active and retired members of the United States Armed Forces, which includes the U.S. Air Force, Army, Coast Guard, Marines, and Navy; members of the National Guard, Reservists, and their spouses. Qualifying service member or their spouse must be present.

How Much is the discount and what are the additional terms? They offer a 10% military discount. Free delivery, return service are included with all rentals.

How do you get the military discount?

Use one of the image ads on this post or click this link, and during checkout, use the coupon code “10MILITARY” to receive the discount. 

Why Choose Amusement Park Rentals?

Amusement Park Rentals knows that you have several companies to choose from when booking a rental stroller for your vacation.

  • Amusement Park Rentals offers free delivery and pick up
  • They guarantee that you will always get safe strollers, that have been inspected, steam cleaned, and sanitized.
  • Additionally, due to the large number of returning customers, Amusement Park Rentals can offer lower prices than other companies. And, they maintain a large stroller fleet, so they won’t be sold out.

Amusement Park Rentals recommends that whether you bring your own stroller, rent from them, or rent one from a theme park, you should  figure out a way to “customize” yours so that you can find it in the sea of parked strollers.

For example, having a colorful scarf you can tie around the handle. There will be numerous times you will have to pick your stroller out of a parking lot of strollers as you come out of a ride, and there may be many that look just like yours.

Here is a video demonstrating the type of quality strollers that Amusement Park Rentals carries:

single_stroller_for_rent_in_Orlando_for_Disney_Parks Double_Stroller_for_Rent_in_Orlando_Disney
# of Nights Rental Fee
1-3 Nights $45.00
4-7 Nights $65.00
8-11 Nights $85.00
12-14 Nights $105.00
Up to 3 Weeks $125.00
Up to 4 Weeks $145.00
# of Nights Rental Fee
1-3 Nights $60.00
4-7 Nights $80.00
8-11 Nights $100.00
12-14 Nights $120.00
Up to 3 Weeks $140.00
Up to 4 Weeks $160.00

Prices before 10% Military Discount!

Remember, these prices are for 24 hours a day versus theme park rental prices. The longer the stay, the lower the rate.

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